So What Exactly 'is' a Shopify Expert?

Store Setups

Brand New to E-commerce? Let me help you get started and show you the ropes!


I can guide you through the process of moving your E-commerce shop to Shopify


Go beyond boilerplate, I can write you custom theme and code to suit your unique needs


I can help you set up Google Analytics. Already got it? I can help sync up your analytics to your Shopify store


I can help you streamline for site loading speed and SEO, to help improve your conversion rates


Tired to relying on developers for every little thing? I can teach you more about Shopify so you can save money!

- Why I'm your guy -

Specialized Training

I've taken both time and resources to invest in myself through Freemote, a premium coding bootcamp explicitly for developing on the Shopify platform using Liquid Code.

Learn more about Freemote here!

VPN Encryption

The web is a dangerous place. When I'm working on your store, I always hide my IP address and work behind a firewall, doing everything I can to ensure your data stays private.

8 Years Experience

I've spent 8 years freelancing full time, I've staked a lot on my ability to deliver results to my client's satisfaction. I'm passionate about helping people and delivering results.

Front End Development Skills

~ HTML - CSS3 - JavaScript - Liquid - Bootstrap - jQuery - Sass ~

Always Learning More!

Clear Communication

With over 5 years experience living abroad, I have learned how to communicate clearly and effectively, If you put me on your project, I will check in as much as you want or need.

A Personal Touch

Working through an agency gets you bogged down behind unwieldy contracts and bureaucracy. You can contact me directly with your business cares and concerns

Featured Projects

Here's What I've Been Working On Recently

Let's Work Together!

>> Hey, I know how scary it can be to do e-commerce. It's competitive, and there's a lot riding on your site's success. I don't take that lightly, I am committed to making your site the best it can be!

If you haven't already, send me an email and get a free consultation!


"It was so overwhelming to try and migrate to
Shopify on my own. Brandon was so knowledgable
and not only did he help me migrate my store, he
taught me about the platform to save me money
later on. He gets five stars, I'd give him more if I

"I don't know why I was using Magento,
Shopify is where it's at! Love the new

"Saved me so much time"

"Surprisingly professional :D "

"Thank you Brandon for being so patient
with me. Setting up my new store was
painless and even so fast with your help"

"Always yes, 10/10"

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